Justin Rule

they said i would die at birth … god had other plans

About Me

Starting from 2 lbs at birth...

Justin Rule

Husband | Father | Visionary
I was not your average baby - weighing 2lbs 4oz. I grew up in a not-your-average sized family of nine. I was born early (3.5 months) and tend to arrive late. Doctors said I would never see, hear, or walk and live a normal life.

They were right: My life has been far from normal.

My passion is to see men walk in their destiny, free from addiction, sexual confusion and captivity, and alive in Christ!


How I Come Alive

My wife and I founded Broken Free (BrokenFree.org) to spread the good news that there is True Freedom from pornography, sexual addiction and confusion.

Thoughts from my heart and ministry of Broken Free. Focused on men seeking freedom.

Audio and Video resources to encourage you to walk in FREEDOM from addiction and confusion.